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Older stuff

Thank you all for joining us at The Casbah... We had a frick'n ball
The Farmers CD Release (FULMINATION)

May 26th '09
Please Enjoy Some Samples Off THE FARMERS New CD    (FULMINATION)
    --------Simply click the play button on the lower left hand music player-------- __-_-__dig it!!!

May 25th '09
Thanks to everyone who made it out last weekend to hangout with us. We have the coolest friends and fans ever. We truly appreciate each and everyone of you for the amazing support and genuine friendships we have developed over the years. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST AND WE REALLY DO LOVE YOU...

May 17th '09
Well what can we say. What a great time. First off we want to thank Dano, the driver and owner of the bus. What a stud. You wouldn't believe the places he got the bus into. Tighter than a gnats ass stretched across a rain barrel. Michele, thanks for your tireless effort and follow through. Thanks to Massey Ferguson who warmed up the crowd every show.

Millennium Records let us soil the record store. What fun. Afterword we realized it was kind of an unofficial C.D. release party. Thanks for the tee shirts! As soon as we walked into Dante's we fell in love with the place. Clothing optional every Sunday night. The vibe was great. Great stage. Stevie the sound man rocked! Keep Portland weird! We loved the place.

On to Seattle. What a great turnout of fans, family and friends. The Sunset Tavern and Ballard were simply delicious. The  Farage Brothers sang on the Paul Kamanski classic Death Train. Tai sang on the new hit, East County Women. Jerry wowed the crowd as only he can. One giant sweaty room of happiness. The crowd loved it.

Thank you to all the fans that flew, drove, walked and swam to the shows. Thank you to all the new fans that thanked us for making the trip and asked for our return. We would love to!

May 16th '09
The owner of The Millennium record store in Portland made the mistake of inviting The Farmers to play an instore to debut the new CD. Everything went fairly smooth after the local fire department gained control of the unfortunate fire that was set a blaze by one of Raney's guitar amps...more to follow

May 14th '09
On the road to Portland, stormy rain in great hands with are friend Dano from Married By Elvis is behind the wheel of the big rig.  great big beautifull green trees and deers frolicking near the roads... stay tuned

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